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i picked up my first camera on a hot summer day in july of 2008. not sure of how to work it or what to do with it, it pretty much served as a tool in the preschool that I owned at thetime. i found joy in photographing the pincer grasp of a 2 year old honing their small motor muscles. i froze the joy of a child, mid-swing and saw not only the new skill of pumping their legs, but the burst of happiness as they realized that they have a new skill. i captured tears falling down the face of a frustrated child, then seconds later a wet-eyed, ear-to-ear grin as they resolved their own problem. this new world of seeing, observing, and freezing seconds, was what began this passion that now consumes me. 3 years later, i decided that perhaps photography was my calling. so, i started a love affair with photography….with creating a collection of happiness, for people to enjoy for years to come. the squeal of a little girl playing kissy kiss with her papa, the giggle of a plump one year old, the sweet curly perfection of a fresh baby. this…photography…kept me up at night. i poured over endless pages of youtube, google, forums to teach me HOW to use my camera. i adapted, i practiced, i perfected….and i still do. i’m often asked if i miss teaching. but if i’m being honest, i still do teach. photography to me, is just a bunch of playdates. i’m still observing, freezing joy, photographing details. nothing has really changed, i just get to make new friends daily, i get to snuggle little babies, and i get to chat about development with parents that are so proud of their little ones.

10 things about me:

1. i love white. if i could paint every room white with white furniture and white carpets, i would.

2. i don’t mind getting pooped on, peed on or breastmilk barf on my shirt. i realize its a hazard of the job.

3. i don’t like ice cream, but i LOVE cookies, and cupcakes.

4. 1’ve never been out of the country, yet.

5. even when i spend dollars getting my hair done, i still throw it up in a messy bun.

6. i’m sort of a cross between monika and pheobe. a little controlling, but mostly hippy.

7. id prefer a paper plate of steak and broccoli, to steak and lobster in a fancy restaurant. that way i don’t need to make my hair.

8. i rarely watch tv, but I LOVE the walking dead.

9. if i could wear boots, jeans and a sweater every day without looking like i’ve been in a sauna all day, i would.

10. i have 4 loves, my daughter lexie, my son kaimana, my tod and my german shepherd alii kai. dont tell the humans that i mentioned that last love.

so hey you! lets meet, lets connect, let me create a collection of your story. contact my assistant, because i can’t wait to connect with you, through my lens.