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Maui Family Photographer

Meet the Harneys

When Katie contacted me the summer before their trip to inquire about family photography for their stay on Maui, I was just smitten with her. To learn that she was a photographer as well, I just couldn’t help but to get excited. Families of photographers generally know the drill. This group was no stranger to getting their photos done. We chose a beach near where the group stayed that provided lots of gorgeous light, a variety of backdrops and of course the beautiful white sand beach that Maui is known for.

The day was as perfect as a typical humid Maui day could get. And this family brought on the charm.Everyone had their game face, and great attitude…okay the 2 year old needed me to be super silly, but how much cuter can you get when a photographer is acting like a loon on the other side of that big black box?

This session was shot just over a year ago and I’m so happy that I met Katie and her family. Soon, I’ll be photographing Katie’s sister and I’m sure her family will be just as enjoyable!

Maui family photographerPINIMAGEMaui family photographerPINIMAGEMaui family photographerPINIMAGEMaui family photographerPINIMAGEMaui family photographerPINIMAGEMaui family photographerPINIMAGEMaui family photographerPINIMAGEMaui family photographerPINIMAGEMaui family photographerPINIMAGE

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Maui newborn photographer: Ezra

Ezra took his time coming into the world. I got the text “she’s in labor!” on a Friday morning and eagerly waited to hear of his arrival. 36 hours later Ezra decided he was ready, and he made his entrance.

I’m so lucky to be able to meet these little guys (and ladies) within days of being born. Because lets be real, I do this job for the snuggles! Just kidding, but really, part of the 3 hours of a newborn session involves snuggling. But you guys, can we talk about his lips? I’m obsessed with newborn lips, you’ll see below.

Part of my job as a newborn photographer is reading babies and finding what makes them happy. Ezra particularly enjoyed being on his belly. So that’s where I posed him, even in mama’s arms. And just look at how curly he was. And the sleepy, drooly opened mouth? That’s his character trait. I’d smooth those lips closed and he’d pop them right back open. It was comical.

Gabe and Shan sat and watched as their little guy melted into each pose. He definitely gave me some push back and told me exactly what I was allowed to do with him, but I didn’t mind one bit. When we got to family photos I was the one melting. Watching big sister cradle him so gently. Witnessing the full circle from a sweet couple, to husband and wife, through pregnancy and finally a babe has been such an emotional honor. I hope in 30 years, they’ll look back at these photos and it’ll bring them right back to all the joy that they have found in each other.

Meet Ezra: 10 days fresh

Maui newborn photographerPINIMAGEMaui newborn photographerPINIMAGEMaui newborn photographerPINIMAGEMaui newborn photographerPINIMAGE

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Gabe & Shatelle: Maui maternity photographer

At the beginning of my photography career, I photographed these two, first at their engagement session, then as they said their vows. My goodness, was that an honor. I was so emotional that I shed some tears of pride at the end of the evening. The fact that they had trusted me to photograph one of the most important days of their lives was just so overwhelming for me.

Here we are, 4 years later and I’m photographing their journey, as it continues. Shantelle makes maternity look amazing. The glow of her skin, the fascination of that new life in side of her, and the way he looks at her. This is part of why I love this story of life so much.

“first comes love, then comes marriage, then comes a baby in a baby carriage.” We all sang that as little kids, but did we really understand what that felt like? I think these two completely understand.

Their first session took place in my neck of the woods. I remembered that their style was more vintage and wispy, so this empty lot up the street from me where the sun glistens as it sets was the perfect compliment to their style.Maui maternity photographerPINIMAGEweb-1PINIMAGEMaui maternity photographerPINIMAGEMaui maternity photographerPINIMAGE

Shan’s maternity session continued at the beach and made my photographer heart burst. We kept it relaxed and short. Comfy sweater, top knot, and her ripe belly. I’m so happy I was able to photograph 2 amazing maternity sessions for my very first wedding couple.Maui maternity photographerPINIMAGEMaui maternity photographerPINIMAGEMaui maternity photographerPINIMAGEMaui maternity photographerPINIMAGE

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Being a maternity photographer on Maui has its perks. I get to see many many beautiful sunsets, I get to meet amazing families on their vacations and baby-moons, and I get to document ripe bellies.

This family came to Maui just after the new year and planned ahead for their maternity session. They were so easy going that their love had shown through on each and every image that was delivered. The evening was perfect, as the haze from the sun flirted with the wispy trees and sparkled on the pond. The glow from the West side sunset never disappoints, and is by far my favorite to document growing families and ripe bellies.


Katrina came to her session with her hair and make-up done, and her own sheer, lightweight maternity gown. She styled herself and her family simple, yet stunning. As I moved them through poses, it wasn’t hard to capture their interaction and adoration for each other. The pond was filled just right and danced around her feet, skimming her dress ever so lightly across the water. And that light, ahhhhh that light makes my heart sing.Maui maternity photographerPINIMAGE

Maui maternity photographerPINIMAGE

One of the best parts of Launiupoko is the stunning sunsets. With the rock wall, the colorful sunset and a ripe belly, I just cannot resist a silhouette at the very end of a session when the sun leave the sky with a few golden sips of light.Baby moon maui 3PINIMAGE

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If you’re looking for a maternity photographer on Maui, Kristy will be happy to work with you!


Continuing the story of this beautiful couple, is little Zechariah. See the fun part of my job is watching these families grow. By now Zechy is probably crawling, sitting up, cooing. But I remember them this small. Often their features are exactly the same, just more filled in. The newborn stages do not last very long. The expiration is just about 2 weeks for me. That’s when they loose their flexibility and start to develop muscle tone. Its when they start becoming more aware and staying up for longer periods. Its when they loose all that flaky skin. This is why I like to photograph fresh babies. So that we can freeze this short window that we so often forget with those sleepless nights when our world was blissfully turned upside down.

I remember when Sean and Heizel came into my studio, they were in a cloud, as most new parents are. Daddy had been up all night googling “baby gas”, I believe, since little Zechy had a rough night. Mommy was just trying to figure out the whole nursing thing and wondering just how much milk he was getting. Remember those days? They seem more like moments now, huh?

We ended the session close and snuggly like their maternity session was. Daddy in his police hat, Zechariah in almost full uniform.



If you’re looking for a Maui newborn photographer, contact Kristy in your 2nd trimester.

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