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passion: webster’s dictionary describes this word as:

a term applied to a very strong feeling about a person or thing. passion is an intense emotion, compelling feeling, enthusiasm, or desire for something.

…very strong feeling…..enthusiasm and/or desire…yup, that about describes how i feel about photographing babies and families…photographing people in general. i love making art with YOU. with your baby, with your adoring family. with your child. I LOVE IT. and i couldn’t be happier to photograph this little guy, whose parents are utterly and completely passionate about him.

my good friend’s, hana, kaulana & kamaehu, first came in studio before they became a family of 4. a maternity session to document hana’s final trimester with ezra. they came in with calmness and a bit of excitement. we documented the “before”. before late night feedings…before weekly doctor visits…before their world changed.

exactly 5 weeks later, they walked back in with their fourth family member. the same calmness, more excitement, a lot of football paraphernalia (dad played for UH and St. Louis Rams), and a whole lot of passion. each and every one of them had such a taking to ezra. sweet-natured ezra, who slept through just about the entire session. hana’s motherly instincts we dead on when she predicted he would sleep the entire time…and again when she predicted when he would wake up for some playtime. i’m so happy that i could document life before and after their world changed…for the better.

meet ezra: 5 days freshmaui newborn photographerPINIMAGE

maui newborn photographerPINIMAGEmaui newborn photographerPINIMAGEmaui newborn photographerPINIMAGEmaui newborn photographerPINIMAGEmaui newborn photographerPINIMAGE