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i consider myself to be a life-long learner. if you know me, you know that i am always enrolled in some sort of class. however, my passion for learning came a bit later in life. it began with earning my teaching degree. i was one of the rare students who was soooo excited to go to school, learn what i did, then excited to go to work the next day and apply it. kind of a geeky cheerleader of sorts. you know that one student in class who annoys everyone by sitting up front, asking lots of questions and turning in the over-achiever, teacher’s-pet-homework. yes, that would be me…and my classmates will attest to that.

its only natural for me to want to carry this into the photography world. and that’s where my path crossed with san francisco bay area photographer angie warren. she also happens to be the founding artist of the popular blog the creative mama. a few emails and arrangements were made and before i knew it angie was on a plane here to hawaii for a weekend with the girls– malia and i. and boy was it a weekend full of art, inspiration and mr. imac. not only was it a shooting weekend, but we focused on many behind-the-scenes stuff. the dreaded computer stuff. and now, i feel a bit smarter than my trusty imac. of course, being the life-long learner that i am, i will continue this quest of me-against-the-machine, and slowly but surely, i will conquer the beast and maybe then he and i can hang out.


i spent some time behind the camera and in front of the camera. and we all spent lots of time sipping coffee, talking photography and of course absorbing it all.


all images courtesy of angie warren.

thanks girls for a fabulous weekend!