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a long silence from the blog often means i’m up to something. and wow, there’s so much that i’m up to i can hardly contain my excitement! this is the first order of business. often photographers artists will put together a shoot that represents their creativity. and this is mine. i call it an etsy shoot of sorts. etsy, the modern name for DIY, is just what i was looking for, and working toward in this shoot. i whipped together a tutu using just tulle, and a long piece of 2 inch ribbon which served as my inspiration piece. then all the ideas came flooding in. much of everything else was borrowed, right down to the birds and the cage. all i needed was a model. and well with a teen-aged daughter just across the hall, i was able to snatch up a fresh-faced model in no time….

she exuded beauty and strength beyond her years. we spent the day making our appointments and running around in preparation for this day. lots of talking, some wisdom sharing and many bouts of laughter…oh and a run in with some eye debris (not good for make-up).


we went with a very girly feel for her make-up…naturals, pinks and a bit of shine.

her romantic up-do complimented the make-up and worked perfectly with the entire whimsy of the day.  jeffie harris nailed it!PINIMAGE

kula botanical gardens was the perfect location with it’s lush grounds and colorful foliage.


and of course, my model lana mitsumura, made emotion seem effortless. her excitement and nerves transformed to beauty by degrees. PINIMAGEPINIMAGEPINIMAGEPINIMAGE

many thanks to lana…the girl who believed she could…and she did!